Brief introduction about the lumos clock

This clock is the fusion of electronics and mechanics. It is a 24-hour format clock It consist of 24 pairs of handles.

Every handle rotates in sync to form a digit. Every minute, the time on the clock gets updated,

The clock needs to be programmed in order to set the time manually. However, it is not necessary to program the clock every time it is turned on. The clock will keep track of the time even when the clock is turned off, so when you turn on the clock, it will update the time by rotating the handles to form the digit showing the current time.

length = 67 inch
width = 19 inch
height = 11 inch

approximately 39 Kilograms.

size: the size of the clock can be reduced or enlarged
casing: the case of the clock can be made from 3D printed parts to reduce weight
motor: better quality motor can be use for more precision
user friendly: clock can be operated through bluetooth or wifi

Time to build
approximately 120 days to build the customized clock

You can see the full documentation of the clock here